One on One Meditation Program

At-home personal mindfulness meditation guidance for cancer patients by volunteers

We are a group of about 70 volunteers spread across Israel - From the Golan heights all the way to Eilat, who conduct at-home, personal mindfulness meditation guidance for cancer patients, conducting dozens of meetings every week.

The meetings take place one on one, in the patients home with personal teaching. In cases of Geographical distances, we conduct meetings via Skype.


In November 2014, Simcha Yeal Pazuello-Levy died from cancer.

This program was born to commemorate Yael - During her last years in this world she taught and practiced mindfulness meditation with other cancer patients and spread the word of practice as an important part of dealing with illness. After her death we decided to make her vision happen: Escorted by leading meditation teachers - Yonatan Dominitz, Ilan Luttenberg, Eran Harpaz, Ella Tulnai, Reny Ovadia and others - we opened a group of volunteers, all experienced practitioners of mindfulness and Vipassana meditation traditions.

We believe, and are proven, time after time, That meditation practice cultivates inner strength that helps finds peace also in moments of crisis. The practice helps develop qualities of accepting reality for what it is, reducing anxiety, dealing with pain and developing compassion.