Professional Team

Jonathan Dominitz

Meditation practitioner since 1997. Among the founders of "One on One Meditation program". 

Jonathan sees Buddha's liberation teaching as an inspiration for an aware life and as a method that can be practiced every moment of every day, to be implemented in all aspects of daily life, weather on or off the meditation cushion.

Dharma and meditation teacher at Tovana. Teaches meditation in various settings: To patients and staff at hospitals, in the academy, in corporates and more.

Teacher of creative thinking and founder of MINDSCAPES.

Lives in Tel Aviv with his wife and two children.

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Ilan Luttenberg

Studies and Teaches the Buddhist ways in various traditions. Teaches and counsels Volunteers at the "One on One Meditation Program".

Translated to Hebrew  the books: "End of time" by Krishnamurti, "What the Buddha taught" by Walfula Rahuls, and the "Sama sati" by Paioto. Among the founders of the leading website "Buddhism in Israel" and amungst it's magazine edittors. Among the founders of "Many paths one dharma" program, 

Ilan teaches Buddhism and meditation in "Tovana", "Psychodharma" and others. His method combines in depth learning from texts and scriptures  with every day practice and daily life implementations of the practice that can lead to a life of awakening and freedom.


Rany Levy

Rany is a certified  social Worker (M.S.W) psychotherapist and group facilitator.

Among the founders of One on One Meditation Program that was established in memory of his partner, Simcha Yael Pzuelo Levy, whom died of cancer in 2013.

Works and treats in an psychodynamic-psychoanalytic approach. 

Teaches psychotherapy, guides and treats patients in his clinic in Tel Aviv.

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