Meditation and Cancer

Meditation practice can have positive impacts on our lives whether we are healthy or ill. These positive impacts have been known to meditation practitioners for thousands of years, and modern day scientific research confirms this. These impacts can manifest on a physical level, but also on an emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

When we practice meditation we create conditions that allow our body and mind to relax and let go. When this relaxation occurs, stress and anxiety levels are reduced. This reduction creates new conditions which allow the body's natural immune system to recuperate.

Through meditation practice we can learn how to react in a better way to negative thoughts, emotions and moods. negative manifestations which naturally tend to intensify in times of crisis such as illness. Meditation practitioners learn, practice and develop a different approach toward these feeling - an approach of kindness, compassion and letting go. This attitude is a way out of the emotional turmoil  that makes us so miserable. Through meditation we discover how to be more and more present in the fullness of the moment, without getting caught up in anger and shame over the past, and without being overcome with worry and anxiety about the future. 


Through meditation practice we can connect more and more to the peace and quiet that are available to us all the time, if we will only be more attentive and open.

Yonatan Dominitz about the connection of meditation and dealing with illness

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Meditation and Cancer