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10 יולי 2021

סינמה נירוונה
טרנספורמציה דרך מפגשים עם כאב ופחד
מפגש קולנועי עם יונתן דומיניץ 
יוקרן הסרט: רייצ״ל, לקראת הסוף

שבת, 10 ביולי בשעה 20:00

לפרטים נוספים ורכישת כרטיסים 

June 2020

We're done!

Our crowd funding campaign has ended in a huge success thanks to 913 supporters and reached nearly 107% of our goal.

We can't express our gratitude enough to each and every one of you.

Thanks to you we can continue our work and support more people.

April 2020

We launched a crowd funding campaign!

The campaign will run until June 2020.

The campaign was accompanied by many concerns, which of course intensified due to the corona plague. But we felt it was impossible to let the program shut down and decided to get going anyway. This is an "all or nothing" campaign and we hope to reach the goal we have set and we can continue to support those in need.

join us!

Link to the campaign



July 2019

We are happy to congratulate all the graduates of our first  One on One Meditation Program facilitators course!

Over the period of a few months these brave participants went through a deep process, deepening their dharma knowledge in the face of illness, and developing compassion and acceptance.

At the end of this course our program has grown by 20 new volunteers that will teach mindfulness meditation and escort cancer patients around the country

I want to thank each and every one of these wonderful people, whom chose to share their love of practice with those who need it most/

קורס מנחים אחד על אחד.jpg

1 on 1 facilitators course graduates